While studying together at the prestigious BFA Film program in the Visual and Performing Arts School of Syracuse University, Eric Laplante, Hunter Schlesinger, and Peter Davis found themselves forming a bond that would remain for years to come.

Cut to 10 years later: all three men are living in New York City, having worked in every department within the film and television industry. Moving swiftly towards the top of the food chain, the three decided to officially join forces, confirming that three brains are better than one. Crossing humor with elite technical skill, Calyer Creative is a collaboration unlike the hordes of other video production companies. They act as a well-oiled machine, with an engine built and fine-tuned over a decade in the making. Calyer Creative knows what works. They know what doesn't work. They know what is funny. They know what is cool. And best of all, they're nice people. Now isn't that a special thing?



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